Nora & Patrick

Описание проекта

Фотограф: Алексей Сулима

Макияж: Евгения Сулима

Место съемки: Ницца, Франция


In a world where people need to write complains about something or someone, today I feel the need to share a wonderful experience, that wouldn’t have been the same without a special person. I’m talking about the photograph that we hired for our wedding. Our wedding took place in France and he came all the way from Russia. You probably think if there is any photograph in France. Yes there is plenty and this was not the first wedding I have been to neither. But Alexey Sulima is the only photograph that can make a photo’s cession fun. Outdoors and indoors time went by very fast. He was able to see things that no one really saw. He was able to translate and tranfer is vision on paper like no one. Alexey is a real artist. The colors, the shadow, the deph, all you want, all you need, Alexey can do it. Our wedding day would not have been the same without you! Thank you very much to have made our day even more special! We will recommend you for the rest of our lives!